Private, Commercial and Instrument Examiner-Airplane

An Examiner candidate must have at least:

  • A commercial pilot certificate with an airplane category, appropriate class rating or ratings, and an Instrument-Airplane rating.
  • A valid flight instructor certificate with an airplane category rating, the appropriate class rating(s), and an Instrument-Airplane rating.
  • As PIC, 2,000 which includes at least;
    (a) In airplane, 1,000 of which 300 hours were accrued within the past year;
    (b) In the class of airplane, 500 hours for which the designation is sought;
    (c) In airplanes, 100 hours at night;
    (d) In complex airplanes, 200 hours;
    (e) Of instrument flight time, 100 hours in actual or simulated conditions and
  • As a flight instructor, 500 hours in airplanes (instructor time must have been accrued as a CFI or a military flight instructor), which includes at least:
    (a) Of flight instruction given in the class of airplane pertinent to the designation sought, 100 hours; and
    (b) Of instrument flight instruction, 250 hours of which 200 hours were given in airplanes.



The Ninety-Nines is excited to announce a new benefit to members: The 99s Flight Training Forum. This message board will be available to 99s and FWP (Future Women Pilot) members as an excellent resource to turn to when they have questions or concerns about flight training, from private through ATP. The FTF (Flight Training Forum) will be available at for members only.

This site is moderated by six professional pilots and 99 members from the Southwest Section (Reno & Santa Clara Valley Chapters), North Central Section (Chicago Area Chapter), New England Section (Katahdin Wings Chapter), and East (First Canadian Chapter) and West (British Columbia Coast Chapter) Canada Sections.

The Katahdin Wings Chapter is proud to announce that Mary Build, shown above in her favorite flying environment, is one of the moderators on the FTF. By accepting this role as advisor and mentor, Mary continues to show her outstanding commitment to encouraging women to fly, whether it will be as a hobby for fun, or to pursue commercial through ATP ratings.



The Next Generation of Women Professional Pilots

Attention women from all professional pilot career fields, backgrounds, and experience levels: the Professional Pilot Leadership Initiative (PPLI) is for you!

Sponsored by The Ninety-Nines Inc. International Organization of Women Pilots, the PPLI program is designed to accelerate the advancement of women in pilot careers, and highly motivated participants receive one-on-one mentoring, learn new career skills, share what they know with others, and become active participants and leaders in the aviation community.

PPLI Captains, who are “pilot-in-command” of their careers yet in need of guidance, are matched to Navigators, who have progressed sufficiently in their own pilot careers to mentor another. In a structured mentoring format conducted via email and phone, the Navigator assists the Captain as she develops self-selected core skills, which could include defining pilot career options, reducing checkride anxiety, and balancing family and work, with emphasis on developing leadership skills and experience.

PPLI Captain applicants commit to a yearlong leadership development program, while Senior Navigators mentor for one or more half-year sessions. All are 99s (new members welcome!) pursuing any pilot career.

Details are at their web site . For more information on pilot careers, networking mentoring and scholarships visit the pilot career center page.