Katahdin Wings Chapter of The 99s

Invites you to Join Us!

The 99s takes its inspiration from women in aviation history and works to promote the advancement of women in aviation today  . . .”

Our membership is divided into chapters that are part of geographical “Sections” that cover several states in the U.S., provinces in Canada and countries.

Katahdin Wings Chapter of The 99s is one of three Chapters that make up the New England Section of The 99s.The three chapters within the New England Section areKatahdin Wings (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont), Eastern New England (Eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Southern New Hampshire) and Connecticut (Connecticut and Western Mass.) In turn the New England Section of The 99s is one of 26 sections of The 99s in the world.



  1. Join The 99s — The International Organization of Women Pilots
  2. Attend a meeting in your area and meet other women pilots
  3. Participate in events, scholarship & aerospace education activities

Who We Are

Many faces, all in love with flying

We are a diverse group of aviators encompassing many professions – from airline pilots and CFIs to doctors, artists, photographers, teachers, public servants, business owners, parents  –  united by our shared mission to advance women in aviation.

Meet New England Section Governor

Mary Build

The cover story of the 2015 March/April 99s NEWS on left. After longing for years to become a seaplane pilot, Mary, at 47, started by getting her private certificate in six months. But she knew there had to be more — and there was. Mary now holds an ASEL, ASES, AMEL, CFI, DPE and is a FAASTeam member. She has over 5,500 hours, half of those land and half sea. Mary has flown to Alaska five times, raced in and judged the Air Race Classic and delivered many tailwheel planes across the country. She has had articles published in The 99 News on the topic of winter flying and seaplane flying. Click HERE to download and read the story.

Mary has embarked on a new flight path recently — inspirational speaker and author. Watch her promotional video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZM-yK3miBM&feature=youtu.be


What We Do

Small but Mighty!

The New England Section (comprised of three chapters) come together for meetings in the Spring and Fall of each year. The Section meeting is hosted by one of the chapters and is held in their geographic area of New England. Sections around the world take turns hosting the annual international conferences. The 2020 conference is in Long Beach, CA. July 8 – 12, aboard the Queen Mary. Visit The 99s 2020 International Conference page for more information.

Other annual events hosted by the chapters of the New England Section include a fundraising flying Poker Run, Scholarship Luncheon and numerous other such as Girl Scout events, Fly-Ins, air shows, seminars, talks, tours, mentoring, support, support, support……

More upcoming Events