The first step to a career as a pilot is training! Start by finding an instructor or flight school.

You can search for flight schools and instructors by state on Their database also allows searches by training type (multi-engine, seaplane, etc.).

The Maine Aeronautics Association keeps an updated list of pilot training options in Maine. You can view this list on their website.

There are also many colleges that offer aviation programs. You can read about the Aviation program at the University of Maine Augusta on their website.

For the most up-to-date information on pilot training requirements, review the relevant sections of the FAR/AIM. Many pilots buy a physical copy of the FAR/AIM each year, but all the information is available online for free along with all the written training resources published by the FAA.

Job Boards

If you’re ready to start hunting for a job, you can start with job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or LinkedIn. You can also go directly to individual airline websites and browse their career and employment pages to find openings.

Keep in mind that there are career options in aviation other than being a pilot. Check with your local FBO for career and networking opportunities, or ask your fellow Ninety-Nines members if they know of any openings that may be right for you.

For those seeking a career that’s out of this world (literally), check out the Payload job board. Payload also delivers a daily newsletter covering news about space.

Finally, the Ninety-Nines International website has a great resource page for pilots seeking careers in aviation. Check it out here.


The Ninety-Nines is excited to announce a new benefit to members: The 99s Flight Training Forum. This message board will be available to 99s and FWP (Future Women Pilot) members as an excellent resource to turn to when they have questions or concerns about flight training, from private through ATP. The FTF (Flight Training Forum) will be available at for members only.

This site is moderated by six professional pilots and 99 members from the Southwest Section (Reno & Santa Clara Valley Chapters), North Central Section (Chicago Area Chapter), New England Section (Katahdin Wings Chapter), and East (First Canadian Chapter) and West (British Columbia Coast Chapter) Canada Sections.

The Katahdin Wings Chapter is proud to announce that Mary Build, shown above in her favorite flying environment, is one of the moderators on the FTF. By accepting this role as advisor and mentor, Mary continues to show her outstanding commitment to encouraging women to fly, whether it will be as a hobby for fun, or to pursue commercial through ATP ratings.